WZX 1300N Nitrophyl Float HS

WZX 1300N Nitrophyl Float HS

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HS Type Float.

Tired of the original style floats that crack and fill with fuel?  Our new floats are molded from a modern, American-made material called Nitrophyl®, which is now specified for just about every modern fuel .


This is a updated float for all SU HS-Series carburetors, HS2, HS4, HS6. This kit also includes shims to make sure you get the perfect adjustment in float height. See below for instructions.


Fitting instructions: The gap between the float and the lid face should be between 0.062" and 0.187" with the float resting on the needle but not depressing it. If adjustment is required you will need to add a shim (Supplied in this kit) under the needle and seat assembly to get the correct height. Cross Ref.# 378-470, WZX1300

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