Restored SU Carburetters & Fuel Pumps

Restored to new, bringing new life to classics.


At this time, we offer rebuilds for SU Carburetters; we shall soon have in stock restored in-demand SU Carburetters ready to ship same day.

These will be available in Spring - Early Summer 2020; we look forward to providing these exceptional products to you.


Fuel Pumps

We provide rebuilt pumps, either from our current stock; or alternatively, we will rebuild your current pump.

All pumps are rebuilt with genuine SU spare parts.
At S.U. Rebuilders, our goal is to provide excellent products; if we don't have 'NOS' parts on hand, we will restore all original parts we use to as-new specification.

Every pump will receive new points, a new diaphragm, new gaskets, and new seals.

We fully bench test our SU Pumps on an Original SU flow rig to assure they function perfectly prior to sending them to their new home.

  • Core Charges: Each Rebuilt pump you purchase from us, will require your existing pump in exchange or the monetary value of the equivalent core pump.  If you have a different type of core than the one you would like to purchase from us, you will be charged with the appropriate core value difference.
  • Pumps generally take approximately one week to rebuild and send back. If you are in need of your pump sooner, please inform us and we will do everything we can to expedite your order.

As we expand our services and available products, please note this page is subject to change with new options available.

Additional Information

If we haven't covered anything on this page that you have in mind at this time, or you have a specific or unusual request, please don't hesitate to contact us at: '', we would be pleased help.

We look forward to working with you and look forward to being part of your automotive projects!